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2018 Winter Olympic Games: Does the Temperature Matter?

It is only natural that global warming becomes talked about with the Winter Olympic Games coming up. Or is it? Spikes in Google Trends show otherwise.


This year’s games will take place in Pyeongchang County, South Korea. The games will be held on Feb. 9 to Feb. 25 of this year. With these games coming up soon it is clear an interest in them will overpower that of global warming.

The games proceed global warming shortly after the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Torch Relay begins. The relay started on Nov. 1, 2017. The initial meeting point of both trends takes place on Nov. 5 to Nov. 11, 2018. From this point forward the Olympic Games skyrockets.

The International Olympic Committee suspending Russia from the games reveals another spike. The suspension takes place on Dec. 5, 2017. Russian athletes with no drug violations were among the few allowed to compete.

Does the lack of interest in global warming reveal something? Does the high level of interest in a set of games that has direct linkage to temperature reveal something? An easier way to pose this is: do either of these questions have any commonalities for those reading?





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